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Interact artists regularly exhibit their work in art galleries, museums, and artist-run spaces. Our curatorial process is often collaborative, with involvement from the Artist Advisory Council — a group nominated by their peers to advocate for the interests of the larger community.

Fresh Work | Week Four

Opened August 24, 2020

Online exhibition

Daniel Metchnek, Chris Mason, Dan Schlag, Juan Mendez, and Philip Price investigate celebrity, pop culture, and symbols of personal significance.

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Fresh Work | Week Three

Opened August 17, 2020

Online exhibition

Jill Reedy, Kramer Hegenbarth, Nicole Noblet, Eric Sherarts, and W.S. Norton present meditations on the relationship between humans, animals, and the environment.

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Fresh Work | Week Two

Opened August 10, 2020

Online exhibition

David Wright, Matt Zimdars, Katie Brinkman, Kenneth Bowling, Katie Bretzman, and Devin Wildes explore movement and patterns in spaces both real and imagined.

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Fresh Work | Week One

Opened August 3, 2020

Online exhibition

Devra Goldstein, Carol O'Connor, Emmanuelle Quinn, Briana Shelstad, and Ona Williams present dazzling abstractions and multisensory fiber works.

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We Are Not Disposable

Opened May 11, 2020

Online exhibition

Our first entirely online exhibition, presented by Interact artists, to raise money for disability visibility. "We're here. We're human," says exhibition co-curator Bart Bartholomew. 

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October 16 - 22, 2019

The White Page

Randomland highlights the diverse material and aesthetic investigations that take place daily in Interact’s ceramics, fiber arts, and mixed media studios.

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Quarter Gallery, Regis Center for Art at the University of Minnesota

Named by artist Bonnie Thorne, BOOTY BODY is about patterns, the body, and the power of repeated marks and gestures over time.